The Power of Company Culture is due out in February of 2018.  This month only, participate in our pre-order giveaway! Buy in bulk in February, and receive thousands of dollars in free services and discounted giveaways. To claim your benefits, visit, and pre-order at least 10 copies of the book this month (February, 2018). Send a PDF receipt of your purchase before February 28th, 9:00 A.M. PST to An individual or company may only purchase one from Levels 1-5. In February, you will receive all the information for each giveaway within your chosen Level. Rules, restrictions, and the fine print as listed apply.

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Description of Giveaways

Empowering Women Worldwide, Inc. – Women’s Empowership Year Training Course

What you get: A membership for our year-long training and mentorship program exclusively for women. We’re shaking up conventional training & development.

EMPOWERSHIP is a year-long program designed to empower women to positively address the unique challenges and stresses they face at work. Conventional training programs don’t often get to the heart of the real hurdles that hold women back. We do, and in a way that’s relevant, flexible and easy to access.

The fine print: The membership runs June 1, 2018 to May 31, 2019, so should be activated by June 15th to get full membership experience. Discount levels: 10 books – 20% off Annual Membership Fee, 25 books – 40% off Annual Membership Fee, 50 books – 60% off Annual Membership Fee, 100-500 books – 80% off Annual Membership Fee (Fee is normally $575). The course must be taken on these dates, and no refunds or exchanges will be given should the course be cancelled or ended for any reason. 

ThriveMap- Culture Fit Assessment- 1 Free Month.

What you get: A month’s free subscription to any of our pricing plans at ThriveMap. This entitles the company up to 35 free credits to test their teams or candidates. ThriveMap allows you to measure team culture, identify the best candidates and see how they would fit with your team. 

The fine print: For employers with 10-500 employees. Must be used within 12 months of this promotion, no refunds, exchanges, or credits. Good for new clients only.

ThisWay Global- AI4Jobs

What you get: 1 Candidate Leaderboard.  For 1 job they will return back up to 25 highly matched candidates for the position submitted.

The fine print: 1 “free” Candidate Leaderboard to the first 100 sign-ups within 12 months of the offer being extended to them.  

The People Engine- Online Masterclass

Free access to 90-minute online Masterclass “The Essential Guide To Managing The World Wide Workforce” offered by The People Engine. 

In this 90-minute interactive Masterclass – Nicole Le Maire, Global People Advisor will highlight the importance of tactics and solutions used by individuals and organizations worldwide in order to better manage this ‘new’ exciting workforce. 

Course participants will learn critical insights into:

•    Building and maintaining effective employment relationships, so that the knowledge of remote workers ‘integrate’.
•    Ensuring that the organization’s values and purpose are not diluted.
•    Working collaboratively on an international scale.
•    Managing and influencing talent that you likely will never meet in person.
•    Growing a permanent remote work workforce.

The fine print: This course will be offered in April only.  No exchanges, refunds, or credits if you are not able to attend. If a recording is available it can be send to you, should you miss the live event.

The Joy Factory- Workforce Tablet Accessories

What you get: 30% off any one order in 2018.The leading global manufacturer of tablet mounting, cases, and enclosures provides products for kiosks and mobility accessory products that have been enhancing the human interaction in the workplace.

The fine print:  Good for one order that must be placed in 2018. No transfers or extensions, or credits. 

Crescendo Strategies- Managing Millennials

What you get: Free access to 90-minute “Managing Millennials” online course offered by Crescendo Strategies. Each level comes with additional free seats for the course. 

The 90-minute on-demand workshop on “Managing the Millennial Mindset” shares workforce expert Cara Silletto’s most popular training session where she explains her first-hand stories about the real generational issues on the T.A.B.L.E. (differing opinions about technology, authority, balance, loyalty, entitlement) in the workplace today.

Course participants will learn critical insights about the shifting workforce in order to bridge widening generational gaps and reduce unnecessary employee turnover costing your organization productivity and profitability.

The fine print: Must be redeemed in 2018. No exchanges, credits, or refunds. 

West Coast Center for Positive Change-Positivity Webinar

What you get: A 1-hour webinar, with additional Q&A on how positivity in the workplace really works. Tenny Poole is the visionary leader, and former VP of HR for Experian, that teaches and practices Appreciative Inquiry. She will guide you through the principles and 4-D model of appreciative inquiry to achieve increased financial performance, operational efficiencies, sales, employee engagement, organizational development, project management, change initiatives, and strategy development and implementation.

For Level 2 and up, Tenny is also offering a 30 or 60 minute coaching session. This must be redeemed in 2018.

The fine print: The webinar will be hosted in March or April of 2018. No refunds, exchanges, or credits will be given. If you are not able to attend, a recorded version (if available) will be provided in instead. The coaching session must be done at a time agreed upon for both parties and completed in 2018. 

Rebel + Connect

What you get: For all packages, you are entitled to one invite to the exclusive Remote Work Summit in Guatemala. For Levels 2-5, they will also offer a Free Consultation of Team Retreat Planning. 

The fine print:  Invitations to the event are limited, and will stop once the conference is full. Any and all costs to attend (event, travel, lodging, meals, etc…) are not included. No refunds, exchanges, or credits if you are not able to attend, or if the conference sells out. For the consultation, you must redeem your call in 2018, at a time agreed up by both parties. 

Meg Daly- Your Authentic Leadership “Super Powers” Webinar

What you get: Join Meg Daly for an in depth look at the gap between “striving” and “thriving.” In this 60-minute webinar, Meg will discuss how understanding your personal values system equips you to:

*Define what is meaningful to you

*Identify inspiring possibilities

*Effectively co-create with your team

*Create breakthroughs and momentum 

*Create more high energy and flowing experiences for you and your team

The fine print: The webinar will be conducted in March or April.  If you are unable to attend, and a recorded version is available, it will be sent.  No credits, refunds or transfers if you are unable to attend on the date provided. 

Nathalie Gottschalk, ESQ- Employment Immigration Law

What you get: A 30 minute phone consultation for an employer regarding HR and immigration related questions related to work in the US by a non citizen or other related issue.  Nathalie Gottschalk is a Las Vegas Immigration attorney. She has been practicing in all areas of employment and family-based immigration law since 2004.

The fine print: You must redeem the call within 12 months of this offer.  No refunds or credits if this goes unused, or if the consultation cannot be conducted because of any unforeseen issue, conflict of interest, or restriction under the law.  

KTimeHR- Workforce Solutions – HR, Payroll, Employee Benefits, and Mobile Technology

What you get: $100 Amazon gift card for completing a one-hour, in-person consultation for services, plus 15% discount on monthly administration and one-time set-up fees for services!  KTimeHR provides workforce management technology and employee administration services. Human-resource consulting, time/attendance tracking, paperless payroll processing are our core services. With KTimeHR, you also have access to optional employee benefits, which include competitive group medical, dental, vision, 401(k), and many other voluntary plans, as well as workers’ compensation insurance.  Our services help companies save time and money, reduce employment-related liabilities, and increase employee productivity. 

The fine print: Good for new clients with 1-500 employees, which begin services in 2018.  

PeopleG2- Background Checks

What you get: Based on the Level, a voucher to be used toward your invoice in 2018 with PeopleG2 for Background Checks. 

The fine print: Voucher must be used all at one time, on one invoice in 2018. Cannot be applied to court fees, state fees, drug tests, or other non-background check-related services.  No transfers, carryovers, or credit for unused vouchers. 

 DCB Consulting- John Maxwell Leadership Game

What you get: Dr. Deena C. Brown, PhD is the Executive Director with the John Maxwell Team.  She will provide one complimentary (90 Minute) facilitation of the John Maxwell Leadership Game. The Leadership Game is a fun and innovative resource based on the teachings of John Maxwell. The game will help YOU increase your leadership value within your organization or business. By playing this game, you will be able to raise the leadership awareness of your team, clients, and coworkers and introduce the timeless leadership principles that will bring about positive change through communication and connection!

The fine print: Available to the first 25 people only, and expires 6/30/2018. If you are within 50 miles of Orange County, CA travel is included.  Otherwise this will be conducted virtually.  No credits, exchanges, or refunds offered. 

Dr. Mark Goulston- Talking to Crazy-Webinar

What you get: A full hour webinar with Q&A on how to talk to the most difficult people in your life, become a better listener, and improve your relationships.  Dr. Mark Goulston has been described as a “people hacker.” Starting off as a clinical interventional psychiatrist and UCLA professor of psychiatry, he learned to “hack” into the minds of suicidal and potentially violent individuals to prevent acts of destruction to others or themselves. He next went on to train FBI and police hostage negotiators. He has since expanded his work to “Hacking Genius” and speaks and provides webinars internationally on: “Thinking Like Steve Jobs – How to Create ‘Gotta Have It.'” Let’s face it, we all know people who are irrational. No matter how hard you try to reason with them, it never works. So what’s the solution? How do you talk to someone who’s out of control? What can you do with a boss who bullies, a spouse who yells, or a friend who frequently bursts into tears? This webinar will be held in April or May 2018. 

The fine print:  The webinar date will be announced later after the promotion. No refunds, credits, or transfers if you are unable to attend the date offered. If a recording is available it can be sent should you miss the live event.

Chris Dyer, Author of The Power of Company Culture

What you get: I didn’t want to be left out of all the fun.  So I added some items to the levels as well.  Level 3 comes with an hour long coaching call, Level 4 has two 1-hour calls as well.  These could also be converted into webinars or virtual training sessions for your staff.  But Level 5 has my biggest offer by far. I am offering a two-day blueprint session either in Southern California, or in any major city in the United States.  If I come to you, I will pay my own airfare, hotel, and car rental, and spend two days with you and your team, completely creating your ideal cultural blueprint to compete in the future for years to come. 

The fine print:  If I am coming to you, the location must be within one hour of a major airport and city. If unusual travel is needed to reach you, additional costs may be necessary.  If you come to me in Southern California, I will host one person, paying for up to $500 for a round trip ticket, and paying for a hotel near John Wayne Airport, as mutually agreed upon, for two nights.  If you desire to bring more people, I can facilitate the meeting space and lunch, but your airfare, hotel, cars, or other travel expenses are on you for the additional people.